Kayla Collymore and Donna Crump Presents Linear/Function: Borderless

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 31, 2022: Houston, TX.,— Artistic directors, Kayla Collymore and Donna Crump will premiere the second installation of LINEAR/FUNCTION: BORDERLESS, a live immersive, multi-disciplinary experience including dance, film, photography, and audience participation at Sanman Studios on Saturday, June 25th at 7:30pm and Sunday,  June 26th at 3:30pm. Following the success of their premiere last fall, the dynamic duo received a grant from the city of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance to expand upon this immersive event.

This production explores the concept of bringing more balance to a world dominated by masculine energy via divine femininity. The work slices through themes and social constructs associated with gender; spotlighted by the characteristics of yin and yang. We have no interest in holding either gender higher than the other, instead we’d prefer to pursue the idea that regardless of gender we can all possess nurturing, intuitive, empathetic as well as courageous and assertive qualities.

Collymore & Crump will take the audience through a deconstruction and transitory rebuilding as they also examine how the dependent and independent variables of a linear function relates to everyday life. Exploring the male and female energies along the way, LINEAR/ FUNCTION: BORDERLESS will deconstruct the deeply embedded assumptions that society so loudly screams about gender differences. Creating a conscious interplay between the audience and the performer, this show is sure to leave an audience of all ages captivated.

DONNA CRUMP,  is an award-winning choreographer, actress, and native New Orleanian. She holds a BFA in Dance from Tulane University and has also studied and created work in New York, South Africa, and in Brazil with the country’s premier dance company Grupo Corpo. She is a two- time recipient of the Tribute to the Classical Arts Awards for Best Choreography and Outstanding New Work. In 2019, Crump starred in the film “America” by Garrett Bradley which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH), The New Orleans Museum of Art, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. She currently an artistic director, movement architect, and performing artist based in the “Cozmic Universe”

KAYLA COLLYMORE, a New Jersey native, graduated (Summa Cum Laude) from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University with a BFA in Dance. Kayla has performed with dance companies around the world including METdance Company (Texas, USA), Hou Ying Dance Theater (Beijing, China) and Brian Brooks Moving Company (New York, USA). Her professional experience ranges into screen dance, artist residencies, and leading master classes. She is an alumna of The School at Jacob’s Pillow and was voted 2017’s “Top 25 to Watch” by Dance Magazine. Kayla has toured internationally with Matthew Bourne’s productions of “Swan Lake” and “Nutcracker!” This summer she will be making her principal debut in his production of “The Car Man” at the Royal Albert Hall. When she isn’t on tour she is based in Houston, Texas as a freelance performer, dance educator, yoga instructor, movement designer and film director.

This work has been featured in Dance Magazine, Southwest Contemporary, and Arts & Culture Texas and is sure to be one of Houston’s hottest summer tickets.

When: June 25, 2022, 8:00 pm SHOWTIME (doors & immersion) at 7:30pm &
June 26, 4:00 pm SHOWTIME (doors & immersion) at 3:30pm 
Where: Sanman Studios, 1109 Providence St, Houston, TX 77002
Tickets: General Admission $25, Student/Seniors $15

Contact Info
Instagram: @kaycollymore @_gooddance1984
Facebook: Donna Crump / Kay Collymore
Contact: Donna Crump 504-610-3244 / Kayla Collymore 732-778-0309
donnacrump@hotmail.com / kaycollymore@gmail.com
Digital photos credited as Jack William Parry @RougedMilk 
Anna Tran/ On & Up Productions
Keda Sharber/@ ImagesbyPapillon / are available on request

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