Unveiling the Enigma of Capitalism – Jadd Tank Presents Bourgeois-Z

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Unveiling the Enigma of Capitalism: Bourgeois-Z
Premieres at 2024 Barnstorm Dance Fest, Program C

Delve into the intricate tapestry of capitalism’s influence on our societies, bodies, and choices with the captivating dance performance, Bourgeois-Z. Created by choreographer Jadd Tank – 2024 Dance Source Houston Artist in Residence –  this quick & dirty exploration confronts audiences with the impact of a system built on the interplay between resilience and adversity.

In just 12 minutes, Bourgeois-Z brings the paradoxical nature of capitalism to life with five women running in place, each interacting with objects that mordantly represent elements of consumption. As they move going nowhere, the lighting & sound create amnesiac clusters of memory and experience, with the only constant and reliable symbol of the relentless passage of time being a whimsical Kit-Cat clock. Through a blend of pedestrian and militant movement techniques, audiences are invited to hold their breath on a journey that traverses between the beauty of the mundane and the allure of violence. 

“I am thrilled to present the USA premiere of Bourgeois-Z at the 2024 Barnstorm Dance Fest in Houston, Texas,” says Jadd Tank. “This performance is a subtle call to rebellion, a representation of our culture of violence, consumption and comedy being read to filth… This is my version of ‘eating the rich’.”

Having previously shown to audiences in Italy as a solo & duet at festivals such as Il Festival Danza In Rete 2018 in Vincenza and the Spoleto Festival Dei Mondi 2018 in Spoleto, Bourgeois-Z continues to push boundaries and provoke thought wherever it goes. With its USA premiere at the Barnstorm Dance Fest, it promises to leave a stubborn mark on the cultural landscape.

Date:  May 30 at 7:30pm & June 1 at 7:30pm, Program C
Location: Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston, Matchbox Two
Tickets: $20 presale; $25 at-the-door

Bourgeois-Z, choreographed by Jadd Tank, makes its USA premiere at the 2024 Barnstorm Dance Fest, offering a contemplative exploration of capitalism’s influence on society. Through concise storytelling and movement, the performance invites audiences to ponder resilience, adversity and rebellion within the context of capitalism.

About the Choreographer:

Jadd Tank is a Choreographer and Creative Lead based in Houston Texas. His work explores the limitless connections between objects, bodies, and events, shaping spaces and the identities they forge. Notably, Jadd served as Movement Consultant for Halloween Ends 2022, Co-Director for 3rd Body, and Creative Producer for Glimpses of a Future on Netflix. He also contributed as a Creative Producer to Together We Walk at Dubai World EXPO 2021 and collaborated and performed for acclaimed artists like Michelle Ellsworth and Maqamat Dance Theater. Jadd’s choreographic footprint extends through various media, including Susan Youssef’s Marjoun & The Flying Headscarf, music videos, live performances and digital projects. More of Jadd’s work can be explored at www.jaddtank.com and @jadd_tank on IG.

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