VauLt presents Arthropodic Animal: INSECTA

Abby Flowers
1824 Spring Street #124
Houston, TX 77007

VauLt presents
Arthropodic Animal: INSECTA


Arthropodic Animal: Insecta investigates the dichotomy of nature, the beauty within horror.

Houston, TX – VauLt presents Arthropodic Animal: INSECTA on April 10 & 11, and April 17 & 18, 2015, at 8 PM at VauLt Studios. Originally choreographed in 2004 by VauLt Artistic Director Amy Ell,INSECTA, is a juxtaposition of two normally unrelated subjects:  female adolescence and the life cycle of the fly. The end result reflects Ell’s feelings about the impending adolescence of her now-grown daughter. “I tend to create work pertaining to where I am in life in relation to my daughter’s life. As she grows it brings up unresolved issues from that previous time in my life. I am not particularly interested in solving these unresolved issues but it is always interesting to view, savor, and swish them over my teeth,” states Ell.

Arthropodic Animal: INSECTA incorporates a climbing wall that doubles as a projection screen. The wall, originally designed by Tim Young, uses wood pieces as hand/foot holds and is on a slant, much like a rock climbing wall. VauLt company members cling to the wall in various amorphous shape-shifting designs while video by Lynn McCabe plays on top of both dancers and wall. Images of maggots and dancers alike squirm across the wall, reflecting Ell’s own pre-teen journey into adulthood. “For me,” Ell comments, “I saw my teenage years as how others may view insects–with disdain and disgust. I felt more like a maggot than a human.”

Ell is restaging INSECTA after an eleven year hiatus from the work. Vault’s aerial studio allows Ell to explore new options that were not previously possible at Diverse Works, where it originally premiered. “Historically, the way I work is to show a work, fine tune, edit, and present again.  I’ve presentedArthropodic Animal:  INSECTA twice – once in its developmental stage and once as an evening-length concert,” states Ell, “I did not revisit the work following the evening-length performance due to technical restraints.  Now that I am in a studio/theater that supports the rigging I need to complete my vision, I can edit and rework. “While Ell has kept a few of the original sections, most vignettes have been completely re-choreographed. It has also been recast with Vault company members trained in aerial as well as traditional floor technique. VauLt performers include Catalina Alexandra, JoDee Engle, Abby Flowers, Kristen Frankiewicz, DeMarco Howard, Candace Ratliff, and Lisa Wolff. Ell’s choice of music is eclectic: a mix by Darren Emanuel, works by John Cage, Mum, Swans, Orbital, Die AntwoordElysian Quartet, and Goldfrapp, all blend well with the insect-mimicking movement.

VauLt presents Arthropodic Animal: INSECTA on April 10 & 11, and April 17 & 18, 2015, at 8 PM at VauLt Studios, 1824 Spring Street #124, Houston, TX, 77007. Ticket prices are $25 general seating and $20 for students/seniors. For tickets and more information, visit or call 713/880-8161.



Fact Sheet
WHAT: Arthropodic Animal: INSECTA
WHO: VauLt
WHEN:  April 10 & 11, and April 17 & 18, 2015, at 8 PM
WHERE: VauLt Studios, 1824 Spring Street #124, Houston, TX, 77007
HIGHLIGHTS: Restaging of INSECTA with new sections and additional aerial work
Ticket prices: $20 students/seniors, $25 general
Tickets and Information:

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