We Interrupt This Program To Bring You NobleMotion Dance


June 30, 2021 

Contact: Andy Noble 

Co-Artistic Director, NobleMotion Dance 

Tel: 832-627-9664 

E-mail: andy@noblemotiondance.com 

Website: www.noblemotiondance.com 

We Interrupt this Program to bring you NobleMotion Dance 

HOUSTON, TEXAS – June 30, 2021 – We Interrupt this Program to bring you  NobleMotion live and in-person with a playful new evening of dance theater at  The MATCH, August 13-14 and 20-21 at 8:00 PM and matinees on Aug 14th &  21st at 4:00 PM. In this strange and wacky production, an illogical chain of  events unfolds, making way for unexpected outcomes. Line dancing, human  sling-shots, and NobleMotion’s trademark physicality keep the audience  guessing as dancers careen through the space. It’s a comedy of non-sequiturs  with heartfelt moments tangled in-between.  

The audience falls through the dance not knowing where they will land. One  moment dancers are doing home-improvements and the next they are enacting  an opera. Complete with a wandering poet trying to make sense of it all, We  Interrupt this Message basks in the melodramatic, self-referential, and tongue  and cheek.  

At its core, We Interrupt this Program is a serenade to artists and the crazy  challenges we have all weathered this year. “It has been so healing to come back  to the studio and create with other artists,” states Andy Noble. “In many ways, we  made this for the dancers. And my hope is that this incredible time we spent  together will translate through the choreography and create a lovely experience  for our audience.”  

The audience will be right on top of the action. “One of my favorite places to  watch dance is in the studio,” states Dionne Noble. “I can see the dancers’ every  nuance. We are really excited to be performing in an intimate black box space so  the audience can really breath in the dance.” 

Tickets range between $15-30. Tickets can be purchased online at  www.matchouston.org or by calling 713-521-4533. 


We Interrupt this Program 

The MATCH – Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston

August 13-14 & 20-21 @ 8:00pm 

August 14th and 21st @ 4:00 PM 

Tickets: $30 Regular Admission, $15 Student. 

Purchase online at www.matchouston.org or call 713.521.4533. 


Contact: Andy Noble  




About NobleMotion Dance NobleMotion Dance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit performing arts organization. In  2009, NobleMotion exploded onto the Houston dance scene and has since  received critical acclaim for their “extraordinary athleticism” and “cutting edge”  programming. NobleMotion Dance seeks to make work that is emotionally daring  and honest; inspires discourse and understanding amongst diverse communities;  and integrates dance, theatre and technology in unique ways. Artistic directors  Andy Noble and Dionne Sparkman Noble are long time collaborators who have  been entertaining audiences for twenty years. NobleMotion also offers education  and outreach programs for all ages including master classes, open rehearsals  and lecture/ demonstrations. For more information about NobleMotion Dance,  please visit us at noblemotiondance.com.

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