Sparrow Lane Takes A Strange Trip Down Memory Lane

Ashley Horn

Sparrow Lane takes a strange trip down memory lane

Shanon Adame pictured. Photo by Pin Lim

Excerpts from Ashley Horn’s sold out 2018 show Sparrow Lane  will be performed at Barnstorm Dance Fest June 15 and 22 at the MATCH.  In the remote town of Sparrow Lane every day is a carbon copy of the one before until the disappearance of a woman shakes the community to the core.  

Based on Horn’s 2013 Persistence of Vision, Sparrow Lane, presented in February at the Interchange, explored the unreliable nature of memory.   As time passes and memories are accessed and stored, they become less accurate and our ability to have an honest and identical shared past with those around us erodes.  Writing by Andrew Kozma, photography by Pin Lim, and choreography and an installation by Ashley Horn immersed the audience in a cryptic and evasive truth where memories are erased, shifted, and altered, skewing reality.   

At Barnstorm, the material will be revisited through the lense of passing time.  Dancers piece the work back together after months off using only the unreliable record of their memories.  The things that remain, were lost, and gained are unique to each dancer.

Shanon Adame and Alex Soares pictured. Photo by Pin Lim

A micro-installation in the theater lobby holds keys to understanding the unique properties of Sparrow Lane and its inhabitants.  Hollowed out books, hidden notes, and shifting time tables can be found by the audience if they are willing to break with theatre tradition and rifle through the set pieces.

Performers include an array of Houston’s most prolific dancers: Shanon Adame, Adam Castaneda, Lydia Hance, Cloe Leppard, Maggie Puckett, and Alex Farris Soares.

Excerpts of Sparrow Lane will be performed June 15 and 22 at 8 PM at the MATCH alongside works by Horn’s fellow Dance Source Houston Artists In Residence Shanon Adame, Lindsay Gary, Lisa Harris, Abijan Johnson and Kate Rash.  Tickets are available at  For more information, visit

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