Lisa E. Harris To Premiere New Movement Based Composition

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Lisa E. Harris to premiere new movement based composition at
Barnstorm Dance Fest 2018

Lisa E. Harris, creator. Photo by Kaila Lewis.

May 8, 2018 – Interdisciplinary artist, performer and composer Lisa E. Harris will premiere a new movement composition at Barnstorm Dance Fest on June 15 and 22, 2018. Lisa is a 2018 Dance Source Houston Artist In Residence. During her time as an AIR, she has been exploring recurring themes in her work such as spatial awareness, relationality, panoptical surveillance and sonic profiling, specifically utilizing the theremin, an electronic instrument that responds to electromagnetic variations in the space around its two antennae.

Creating a score for  five performers and five theremins, Harris is composing “Chimes”,  an interactive movement and sound piece for Barnstorm, that requires as much listening as it does viewing. “When I got my first theremin, my mother visited my studio and told me that she wanted to hear what her body sounds like, and that statement immediately influenced how I would engage with the instrument creatively,” says Lisa when asked about her interest in featuring the theremin in her performance practice. Her work focuses on the energetic relationships between body, land, spirit and place. Harris uses voice, electronics, movement, text and new media to explore healing and transformation throughout the reaches of human performance.  

Harris’ work will be presented alongside pieces by fellow AIRs Shanon Adame, Lindsay Gary, Ashley Horn, Abijan Johnson, and Kate Rash on Program B of Barnstorm Dance Fest.

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